At Anteo we have a team of inheritance lawyers in Barcelona and Baix Llobregat who offer local legal services. The time to deal with inheritance procedures is, undoubtedly, complicated, and people look for trusted professionals with whom they can feel comfortable during the process. At Anteo we are very clear about this, and that is why we support and advise you to try to shorten the time you will have to spend on this matter as much as possible.

successions and inheritances Barcelona


Our lawyers, who are experts in all aspects of wills, inheritance, succesion and its taxation, can help you in your nearest location. We have offices in Barcelona, Esplugues de Llobregat, Cornellá and Castelldefels. Our extensive experience in this legal area is the guarantee you need to trust our team.

In addition, you can contact our specialists in inheritance and succession online or by telephone for your maximum convenience. After requesting the necessary documentation, we will study your case in detail and, before starting the process, we will offer you all the necessary legal or professional advice you may need.

As legal advisors, we understand that the best way to guarantee an adequate succession of the deceased’s assets to the heirs is through a will. However, it is possible that the deceased may not have made a will, for which the law provides for intestate succession, which regulates who are the heirs to his assets and how they are to be transmitted.


Contact our specialists in inheritance and succession in Barcelona and Baix Llobregat

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    Wills, successions and inheritances in Barcelona

    At Anteo, we believe that it is important to carry out personal wealth planning and to guarantee the legacy to the heirs by writing a will in order to dispose of your assets and rights during your lifetime. Our team of expert lawyers in inheritance law will be able to advise you on such succession planning and the execution of wills.

    Inheritance and succession litigation

    Even if the succession has been planned correctly, sometimes the heirs come into conflict. Occasionally, errors are detected in the wills that happen to invalidate them, or the heirs simply do not agree with the distribution of the inheritance. In these situations, our advisors can intervene through professional mediation. We will advise you with the solid purpose of complying with the last will and testament of the deceased while finding a consensus between the heirs to avoid situations that could be detrimental to the family environment.

    Inheritances in Catalonia

    Catalonia, like other autonomous regions in Spain, has its own particularities in terms of its legislation on inheritance. Specifically, Catalan legislation establishes that direct descendants, i.e. children, have the right to so-called “legitimate part” inheritance. In Catalonia, the legitimate right is constituted by 25% of the net amount of the assets of the deceased, which will be awarded to the direct descendants in equal parts.

    Our inheritance lawyers in Barcelona and Baix Llobregat are familiar with these and many other particularities of the regional legislation. The continuous training of our professionals is key to guaranteeing the quality of our legal services. Let yourself be advised by a law firm specialised in inheritance, succession, and wills.