In the current globalized environment, the number, the relevance and the typology of related transactions has increased, as well as the control that the Tax Authorities exercise over them. This represents a challenge for the taxpayer who requires solutions ranging from risk identification and policy planning to the preparation of transfer pricing documentation.

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In this sense, the Spanish transfer price legislation regulates the obligation to prepare documentation on related-party transactions and to value them at market prices, leading their absence or falsity, to the application of a severe and sometimes disproportionate penalty regime.

Contrary to what is thought, this issue does not only affect large multinationals but also SMEs, which have not usually identified this area as a priority and are not as prepared as other larger companies.

At ANTEO we have a team specialized in transfer price and with a significant experience in this field. Therefore, we are by your side at all times and can assist you in a practical way, adapting to you and your needs.

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    Transfer pricing services

    Our most significant services in transfer price and related party transactions are as follows:

    • Advice on compliance with transfer pricing tax obligations (master files, country files, tax forms 232, etc.) to minimize the risk of penalties;
    • Transfer pricing audits to diagnose risks and areas for improvement;
    • Design and implementation of arm’s length transfer pricing policies that fit the company and its related party operations;
    • Analysis and comparability studies (profitability studies, benchmarkings, etc.);
    • Value chain analysis and transfer pricing restructuring (re-allocation of functions and risks);
    • Remuneration of intangible assets;
    • Assistance with inspection procedures (also in relation to professional partner remuneration); and
    • Advanced Pricing Agreements (APAs) with the tax authorities to ensure legal certainty in the company’s transfer price policies.