Anteo Gestión has extensive experience providing consultancy services for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly, new businesses and small entrepreneurs have our support. A good consulting job is the key to success of any business project.

start-up consultancy

Our consulting service for start-ups is mainly focused on supporting entrepreneurs to start their business by finding the legal form that best suits their objectives or needs. In these initial phases of a company it is essential to avoid unnecessary expenses.

In addition, establishing a financial and accounting plan is also essential. In Anteo you will have at your disposal the best economists, experts in advising newly created companies. We will inform you about the need to have investment partners or dispense with them.

Start-ups have particularities and therefore, the best thing to do is to have a personalized consultancy service.

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Consultancy to entrepreneurs and start-ups or recent creation companies is one of our specialties.

In Anteo we love that young and not so young are launched to the creation of companies. Start-ups are business projects that are the result of the desire to grow professionally by restless entrepreneurs. And in those projects become innumerable emotions and dreams.

Reaching profitability with a newly created company is not easy. And for this reason, from Anteo Gestión we offer all our knowledge and experience to these dreamers. Illusion is necessary for finances and the growth of a company. But so is knowing when to come back to earth, analyze data and take actions.

Therefore, from Anteo we offer you the most complete service of consultancy for start-ups and entrepreneurs. We would like to be part of your business project from the beginning. We want to help you and your team to consolidate your business.