Are you self-employed? Undoubtedly, freelancers are an important part of the national business tissue. Therefore, in Anteo we offer specialized management services for self-employed with competitive prices. Our agents know self-employed needs perfectly, and that is why we are able to offer you a comprehensive service so that you can simply dedicate yourself to your business. We also do it in a personalized way, because not all self-employed are the same.

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First of all, we know that the self-employed need a flexible advice and, above all, tax management works. From our offices in Barcelona and Baix Llobregat we work with self-employed from different sectors and adapt to each of them, since we know that flexibility is highly valued by them in relation to their self-employed agency.

Secondly, don’t worry about all the procedures with Administrations and Public Entities and focus on your business. From Anteo we take care of that. We manage you from tax filing, to tax declaration of income or the presentation of the different models that you must present, and the payrolls of your workers.

But in addition, we take care about your professional growth and therefore we will advise you whenever you need it in the most appropriate ways to continue progressing. Do you want to go from self-employed to Limited Company? Do you need to hire staff? Are you opening a local business and need advice? Whatever your need as a self-employed, Anteo will be there to help you.

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Self-employed agencies in Barcelona, Castelldefels, Cornellá and Esplugues de Llobregat

Anteo offers coverage for all self-employed in Barcelona and Baix Llobregat thanks to our 5 offices spread across different municipalities. Come and visit us at Barcelona, Castelldefels, Cornellá or Esplugues de Llobregat and we will inform you of everything. If you need a new agency or are thinking of registering as a self-employed for the first time, count on Anteo for your business project.

Anteo agencies have trained professionals to advise you on tax, legal, labor, accounting or financial matters. Don’t worry and get a management service for self-employed of the highest confidence.