Do you need to do your personal income tax declaration 2019? At Anteo we have a large team of professional tax advisers who are currently working on the statements for the past fiscal year. Make your Income and Wealth declaration with us.

income tax 2019

Since April 1st, the 2019 Income campaign has been marked with some updates. This year 2020 the personal income tax declaration 2019 ends on June 30th. In any case, we recommend that you carry out your study as soon as possible, since if the declaration is negative, and you want to opt for direct debit, the term would end on June 25th.

If you have doubts for the presentation of your statement you can count on our network of professional offices in Barcelona and Baix Llobregat area. Currently, given the state of alarm, we are facilitating the procedures for the personal Income Tax 2019 online and electronically. Our professionals will request the documentation to calculate your result and will inform you of everything by the way you prefer.

At Anteo you will find a personalized and quality service. Let yourself be advised by our professionals and get the best result according to your specific case. We are waiting for you!

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    Important points in the personal Income Tax 2019

    In addition to the usual questions that must be taken into account in the preparation of the income statement, in 2020 there are several new features. We must take them into account and make the most of all possible deductions.

    In our article The personal Income Tax campaign is already here, you will find more details on this topic. The Spanish Tax Agency, like every year, reminds us of the importance to update the data of the declarant: marital status, births, deaths, etc. This is key to avoid income penalties this year and always.

    As an important novelty, we must highlight that this year the maximum amount for not declaring is 22,000 euros in the case of a single payer or when having multiple payers, the amounts received from the second and other payers do not add up to more than 1,500€. In the event that the returns come from two or more payers, the figure stands at 14,000 euros. There are other conditions to take into account about which our advisers can inform you.

    Also, in the case of lower incomes, it will be necessary to thoroughly review the returns because there are significant tax breaks applicable in the 2019 Income statement.

    Other points to consider will be the following:

    • Deductions for acquisition of habitual residence.
    • Deductions for rental of habitual residence.
    • Special liens on lottery and betting prizes.
    • Possibility of deduction for investment in recently created companies.
    • Spouse with disability in charge.
    • Large family.

    If you want to have the maximum security in your 2019 personal income tax, count on Anteo and our team. Remember that we have offices in Barcelona, Castelldefels, Cornellá and Esplugues de Llobregat. And that we can also assist you by phone or email. Contact us whenever you want.