The company is made up of people. The human capital of a business is one of its main assets. Therefore, having a labour consultancy service is essential for any business. In Anteo we advise and manage all the procedures related to the labor relations of your company.

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Every company or business is different. Therefore, it must be understood that the labour consultancy service must be personalized.

We guide and help you to establish the remuneration policy, to choose the most appropriate type of contract and social security for each situation and moment. We manage the procedures between the workers of your company and the Administration so that you are always up to date with business obligations.

We offer permanent labour advice to offer you an instant and safe answer about any questions you may have with the immediate resolution of your incidents.

If you still do not have a reliable labour consultancy, contact our professional consultants.

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Labour consultancy for companies, freelancers and individuals

Thanks to having a multidisciplinary team of labor consultants and lawyers, Anteo provides a comprehensive service in this area. And we do it for companies, freelancers, startups and individuals. Because all parties need coverage and advice on labour matters.

Labour consultancy is essential, as well as the management of procedures, preparation of employment contracts, negotiation of agreements, etc. Ensure the proper functioning of the human resources of the company makes, as a company, you can devote to the business momentum.

Startups or freelancers must also take care of their internal labour relations. Hiring suitable profiles that help to develop the business, requires fundamental measures. Recruitment of talent is only achieved with a consistent human resources and labour strategy.

If you have any related questions or need assistance in labour consultancy, please contact our specialists. We will be pleased to assist you.