How can you take advantage of the Second Chance legislation? At Anteo we boast a team of lawyers specialised in the legislation regarding Second Opportunity, which will help you to write off your debts. We offer top-quality legal services with a close treatment with our clients, which has allowed us to be successful in 100% of the procedures we have been entrusted with. At such a delicate time as the decision to initiate a procedure of this nature is, we accompany you and advise you all the way.

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If you are thinking about taking advantage of the Second Chance Law, our expert lawyers in this field will advise you. Furthermore, in order to offer you a close treatment, you can call or visit us in the location that is most suitable for you: we have offices in the city of Barcelona, Esplugues de Llobregat, Cornellá and Castelldefels.

Our extensive experience in this legal area, added to a 100% success rate in the cases we have handled, is the guarantee you need to trust our team. We always work to find the solution that will benefit you the most so that you can start a new life when the procedure is over.

As legal advisors, we believe that the best way to guarantee an optimum result in this type of procedure is to have top-quality advice from the outset. Therefore, we will study your case, assess it and inform you about everything you need to know. This way, we will be able to help you make the most appropriate decisions for your interests.

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    What is the aim of the Second Chance Law?

    Our legal system establishes the principle of universal patrimonial responsibility (Article 1.911 of the Civil Code) under which all persons are responsible for the fulfilment of their debts with all their present and future assets. The Second Chance Law tries to make a correction to this principle contained in the Civil Code.

    This regulation allows, through an ad hoc administrative procedure, those individuals who have seen their assets increase in the passive part, to restructure and reorganise it. On the one hand, this regulation allows all or some creditors to end up collecting their debts and, on the other hand, the debtor has the possibility of “putting his life back on track and even embarking on new initiatives, without having to drag out indefinitely a slab of debt that he will never be able to satisfy”. (Reasoning of the Royal Decree Law 1/2015, Second Chance Law).

    Lawyers for the Second Chance Law

    Our expert lawyers in the Second Chance Law know all the particularities of the process and are fully qualified to offer you the best advice as a result of the continuous training they receive. This specific and continuous training is the key that has allowed us to be successful in 100% of the procedures we have been entrusted with to date.

    We want to be by your side in this important moment. We know that we can help you write off your debts and obtain the benefits that such writing off entails: disappearing from the records of defaulters, obtaining new financing, being a credit card holder, etc.

    Lawyers for individuals in CastelldefelsContact our team of lawyers who specialise in the Second Chance Act. For your maximum convenience you can do this online or by telephone. If you prefer, we will always be available to assist you in person at any of our offices in Barcelona, Castelldefels, Cornellá or Esplugues de Llobregat. Call us, we will help you!